Media: Russian officer is reported missing in Syria

Major Sukhrob Karimov is reported missing in Syria. The relatives of the major do not know anything about his fate, the Russian Service of BBC reported.

One of Karimov's relatives anonymously told BBC that Karimov served as the battalion commander in the 38th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade located in the Amur Region. According to the relative, Karimov knew Arabic and was sent to Syria as a translator.

His last contact with his relatives was on February 22. A few days later, the relatives of Karimov received a call from the Russian Ministry of Defense and were told that Karimov had been ambushed together with other officers. “It happened in the province of Deir ez-Zor near the town of Al Mayadin. There were two colonels with him in the car,” BBC quoted Karimov’s relatives as saying. The remains of the killed officers were transferred from Russia to Syria. However, the DNA test showed that Karimov’s remains were not among them.

The Regnum news outlet had also confirmed  that Karimov went missing in Syria. According to Regum, Karimov graduated from the Military Law Faculty of the Military University 2001 and the Academy of the General Staff in 2016.

On February 7, a report from the Tikhoretsk District of the Krasnodar Territory revealed the death of another Russian soldier in Syria, 24-year-old Maxim Pletnev. It was clarified that the accident happened while performing military duties.

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