Merkel and Holland to Poroshenko - Not talking about Eastern Ukraine this time.

The main topic slated to be discussed in Berlin at the talks with President Pososhenko, Chancellor Merkel and President Holland, will be the ongoing reforms in Ukraine.
The will be no time given to the situation in Eastern Ukraine and violations of ceasefire.
German Chancellor and French president are not intending to distance themselves from Vladimir Putin on the issues of Ukraine, reports Deutsche Welle.
These talks do not in any way mean formation of new coalition to stop the aggression, stated French and German sources.
French government officials confirmed that the meeting will take place at the request of the Ukrainian side.
"We are not forming a new three way group without Russia" - stated French government officials.
"Reliable, stable and steady European security is possible only with Russia and not against Russia" – said Sebastian Fischer, German foreign ministry spokesman.
There have been no comments from the Russian side regarding the absence of Vladimir Putin at these talks, but Lavrov, the head of the Russian department of Foreign affairs said that Russia is closely following the preparation and the results of the forthcoming talks.
As stated by French officials, the meeting was initially called by President Poroshenko to discuss the current situation in Eastern Ukraine.

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