Bulgaria closed its air for Russian aircrafts to Syria

Bulgaria closed its air for Russian aircrafts with humanitarian aid to Syria.

According to the Greek edition of Kathimerini, the decision of Bulgaria will "simplify” the life of Greek government. "We have enough information that makes us have serious doubts about the cargo of the planes, which is the reason for the refusal," the Bulgarian foreign ministry’s spokeswoman said on Tuesday.
Earlier it was reported that Greece received a request from the US to prohibit Russian aircraft with humanitarian aid to Syria. However, according to the agency "RIA Novosti", which refers to a diplomatic source, the Greek Government rejected US request not to pass the Russian aviation. At the same time, the Greek government on September 8 confirmed that the request of granting airspace has lost its relevance.
Reportedly, Russian aircrafts will be forced to use Iranian airspace for the flights.
Earlier, the United States warned of a possible strengthening of Russia's military presence in Syria.

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