ISIS released a video showing the execution of a Russian spy

The video begins by showing a man wearing orange overalls, who states that he was recruited by the Russian Intelligence service. Then, a terrorist insults and threatens the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and cuts off the captive spy's head. As reported by the web-site SITE, which analyzes jihadists' activities, extremists claimed that he was a spy acting within the territories of Syria and Iraq, which are under ISIS control.

Reuters noted that the Russian Foreign Ministry hasn’t yet commented on the appearance of this video. The Ministry reported that it was the first time that jihadists indicated they were holding the Russian captive. However, ISIS had already released a video showing the murder of two other people, who also were represented as Russian spies. Additionally, footage of the interrogation, which was conducted in Russian and subtitled in both English and Arabic was shown.

After the beginning of the Russian military operation in Syria, the Islamic State uploaded the propagandistic video on the Internet. In this video, the Islamic State promised to organize terrorist acts in Russia and threatened to spill an ocean of blood.

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