Russia to design replacement for Ukrainian An-124 aircraft

Russia is planning to develop an analog of one of the largest transport aircraft in the world, the An-124 Ruslan, over the next two years, stated Andrey Boginsky, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, on the sidelines of the Gidroaviasalon 2016 forum.

“There are no specific timeframes for when the project will be ready. Such work is proceeding primarily with the Defense Ministry because they will be a customer of the aircraft. The work is proceeding proactively. The concept of an offer is being designed. I think it will be in the next two years,” he said.

Boginsky noted that the work to create a concept is being carried out by Ilyushin Aviation Complex.

“Propulsion should be installed in an aircraft. That is why we suppose that on the basis of the PD-14 engine, theoretically we can build a platform for a transport aircraft,” the deputy minister said.

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