Ukrainian speakers added to MAVNI program

Ukrainian has been added to the language list for MAVNI

  The Military Acquisitions of Vital National Interest program, or MAVNI, authorizes the military services to specifically recruit foreign nationals in high-demand healthcare specialties or who possess certain language skills in short supply

A majority of the MAVNI recruits have been medical doctors who enlist in the U.S. Army Reserve and who receive an officer’s commission once they obtain U.S. citizenship.
MAVNI recruits do not have to apply for a permanent resident card – commonly known as a green card and enjoy an expedited citizenship process.
Applicants undergo a security background check and are required to commit to at least three years of active duty or six years in the reserves.

The program began initially as a one-year pilot program in 2009 to recruit 1,000 enlistees. It was reauthorized in 2012 and extended to include 1,500 recruits.
The Pentagon says that some 2,900 recruits have enlisted through the MAVNI program since it began, with most heading to the Army as either medical personnel or translators.

From October 1, 2014 around a 100 of Ukrainian-speaking men and women have been recruited according to a source in the army.
The appeal of the recruiting was provided from one of the army recruiting centers in Texas to the local Association of Americans of Ukrainian origin.
recruiting However, as was noted in the press service, the vacancies for native Ukrainian speakers were almost immediately filled up.

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