Russia has a rescue plan for Ukraine

The conflict handcrafted by Russia is slowly burning in Eastern Ukraine.
While Europe is preoccupied with their own problems, Russia is sparing no efforts in pushing forward its agenda.
Russian government controlled TV channels have been actively talking about the” Ukrainian Rescue” committee.  
The committee has recently held a press conference in Moscow to introduce themselves to the media.
Strangely one of the leading members of this new body is the former Prime Minister, Nikolai Azarov, who escaped the Ukrainian uprising together with Victor Yanukovich, the ousted Ukrainian President.
While other members of the group wish to stay anonymous till the plans are put into action.
 The purpose of this new organization is to replace the current government in Ukraine in an early election and subsequently sign a peace deal with the separatist in Eastern Ukraine.
And in the meantime, Russian TV channels continue to broadcast news about this new plan to rescue Ukraine and at the same time offering skewed facts about the Ukrainian situation. 
The picture they are portraying is of an Ukrainian failed government, a deceived people and a crumbling economy...
As always, the Russian media is blaming the Pro-Western Ukrainian government for creating their own dismal situation and take no responsibility for their part in the war. 
The Russian separatists are featured in the news as if they are there only to distribute humanitarian aid.
“Eastern Ukraine is far and this is an internal affair of Ukraine” is the underlying narrative in the Russian media.
Attacks on the OBSCE monitors, bombardments of the residential areas, assaults on civilians and unwillingness to accept surrendering the power to the separatist authorities - all these according to Kremlin are provocations and mishaps of Ukrainian government.
In the meantime, Moscow is cooperating with the West on the Iranian deal and also the fight against ISIS which is giving them a chance to return to the international stage again.
So Russia is not interested in escalating the conflict further in Ukraine and a slow burning conflict seems to be a better option for them.
Kremlin considers this conflict to be a geo-political issue.  It considers the Eastern Ukraine as a Russian genetic territory.   It is content to have it stay under Russian influence and never prosper.
At the same time, there is a growing concern in Kiev that the West has given up on Ukraine as refugee crises, separatism, and economic woes have drawn Europe’s attention away from the struggle in the Ukraine.
The reality is there is still war and daily human suffering.
As the interest fades the seeds of Russian propaganda take their roots. In the end there will be no pro-Western reforms in Ukraine. The Rescue committee from Moscow will come to help Ukraine.

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