• Germany sentences businessman to nearly seven years for illegally supplying drone components to Russia

    The Stuttgart Higher Regional Court has sentenced a former businessman from the Saar region to six years and nine months in prison for illegally supplying drone components to Russia. [Materials supplied by the defendant have found military applications, the court noted on Wednesday, July 17.

    The businessman's wife, from the Baden-Wurttemberg region, was handed a 21-month suspended prison sentence for aiding her husband. The court's decision was in line with the Federal Prosecutor's requests. …

  • Poland initiates military and security operations along Belarus border amid ongoing migration crisis

    Poland's Defence Minister, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, has announced that military operations will commence at the Belarusian border on August 1. According to the minister, these operations are aimed at safeguarding the country's borders. "There will be two operations — one for training and one for border security. The Safe Podlaskie mission will see the participation of up to 17,000 soldiers," he stated at a press conference with the Head of Poland's Ministry of Internal Affairs, Tomasz …

  • Germany's covert military support: tanks and air defence systems sent to Ukraine

    Germany covertly delivered a significant consignment of military aid to Ukraine this summer, comprising dozens of pieces of armoured vehicles, according to Merkur.

    It is claimed that Berlin, from late June to early July, "practically secretly and unnoticed," sent Kyiv another large military package for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The shipment included 39 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, supplied by Germany's defence industry and the Bundeswehr.

    Specifically, last week Ukraine received …

  • NATO to appoint special representative in Kyiv, boost presence in Ukraine following Washington summit

    NATO will enhance its presence in Ukraine by appointing a special representative in Kyiv, as decided at the NATO Summit held in Washington from July 9-11, reports Evropeyska Pravda.

    The NATO representation in Ukraine will undergo a leadership change, with the new head taking on the role of a special representative of the Secretary General.

    Negotiations are ongoing regarding who will fill this position. According to sources from Evropeyska Pravda, European NATO members insist that the role …

  • US develops cost-effective long-range missile for Ukraine's defense needs

    The United States is developing a new air-launched munition specifically designed for Ukraine, according to a report from the industry publication Aviation Week Network.

    The first details about this new munition emerged in January this year, initially garnering interest from 16 defense companies. The US military invited these firms to consider developing a cost-effective, air-launched weapon with a range of 250 nautical miles (463 km) that wouldn't take long to develop.

    On June 10, the US Air …