Czech Prime Minister confirms his son's visit to Crimea

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis confirmed that last year his son visited annexed Crimea, informs Radio Liberty’s Russian Service.

According to the local informational website, on November 14, the head of the Czech government, while speaking to the journalists in Prague, clarified that Andrej Babis Junior was visiting Ukraine.

The prime minister said that Babis Junior has some psychiatric problems and criticized journalists for interviewing him. According to the politician, the publication in the press is a provocation in order to discredit the Prime Minister himself and to achieve the government’s resignation.

A political scandal erupted in the Czech Republic after the Prime Minister son’s, Andrej Babis Junior, interview with According to the son, last year he was abducted and taken to the Crimea to prevent him from testifying against his father in an alleged fraud case concerning European Union funds.

Six Czech opposition parties, which include 92 deputies, filed a statement expressing no confidence in the Babis government.

To set no-confidence vote in motion 101 votes are needed. The hearing of this case in the Czech Republic parliament is scheduled for Thursday, November 15.

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