Former head of LPR Plotnitsky jailed in Russia

Novosti Donbassa news outlet reported that Igor Plotnitsky, the former head of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic, is in St. Petersburg's Kresty prison, as indicated by Vladlen Zaruba, a colleague of Valery Bolotov, the late ex-head of the LPR.

According to Zaruba, in the detention facility, Plotnitsky has provided evidence and testimony. Bolotov’s associate also suggested that it was because of these statements that Oleg Mkrtchian, General Director of the Industrial Union of Donbas, could be detained. According to the media, the criminal case, under which he was detained, may be connected with the theft of money that Russian banks gave out to the company in the form of loans several years ago.

Plotnitsky left the post of LPR head in late November because, according to the official information of health reasons. After that, Leonid Pasechnik, the asssitant head of the LPR became the Minister of State Security of the Republic.

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