Head of separatist LPR Plotnitsky resigns due to ‘health reasons’

The Head of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, resigned due to health reasons, announced the Minister of the State Security, Leonid Pasechnik, in a statement posted on Luhansk Informational Center website on Friday.

"Today, Igor Plotnitsky resigned due to health reasons. He has numerous war wounds, complications after his concussion. Following his decision, I assume the duties of the head of the Republic until the forthcoming elections", the statement of Pasechnik reads.

Pasechnik thanked Plotnitsky for his decision and the confidence he had placed in him.  According to Pasechnik, Plotnitsky made an enormous contribution to the peace process. "He is one of the signatories of the Minsk agreements, and he is now appointed commissioner of the Luhansk People's Republic for the enforcement of the Minsk agreements", he said.

According to Pasechnik, LPR will continue to be committed to the Minsk agreements. "The Republic will consistently fulfil its obligations under these agreements," said Pasechnik.

In his statement, he also stressed that "the Council of Ministers, the People’s council of LPR and other bodies continue to work as usual".

The Head of the People’s Council of LPR, Vladimir Degtyarenko, also confirmed that Plotnitsky resignation request had been received by the Council.

"I have no doubt that the People's Council will support the candidacy of Leonid Ivanovich Pasechnik for the post of acting Head of Luhansk People's Republic,” the statement of Degtyarenko reads.

On November 21, armed persons in uniforms without insignia and armored vehicles blocked the center of Luhansk. They had been given orders by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR. A column of Ural trucks, along with Special Forces from the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic), entered the city. Plotnitsky’s supporters were detained and accused of working for Ukrainian special services.

The outpouring of armed persons onto the streets of Luhansk was organized by Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR, Igor Kornet, who had been dismissed the day prior by Plotnitsky. Earlier, it was reported that Plotnitsky has fled to Russia.

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