Estonia and Latvia begin joint military exercises Hurricane 2017

In Estonia, on Saaremaa Island and in Pärnu County, large-scale exercises named Orkaan-2017 (Hurricane-2017) organized by the voluntary paramilitary organization Kaitseliit (Estonian Defense League) are to begin soon.

Over a thousand people from Estonia and Latvia will participate in the exercises, Interfax reports citing the press service of Kaitseliit.

As the head of the Lääne County of the Defense League, Lieutenant Colonel Tõnu Mijl stated, "the exercise will also involve local government bodies and police units, with whom we have been conducting preparatory staff exercises for many years. To ensure security of the population, all state structures should, as far as possible, assist each other so that our people can cope with any crisis."

On Saaremaa, conventional warfare skills including attack and defense operations in semi-closed and closed areas will be practiced. These will involve armored vehicles and soldiers of the Kalev Infantry Battalion, the air forces, and cyber-defense units.

In addition, internal defense drills will be held in collaboration with the police department and border guard in Kuressaare, the principal town of the island.

At the same time, in Pärnu County, forces will practice actions during hybrid warfare and ensuring security the population.

The exercises will end on December 3.

  Estonia, Latvia, Kaitseliit