Iran accuses the US of pressuring NATO partners

Official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Bahram Kasemi said that the U.S. is pressuring its NATO partners and imposing its views and policies on them.
“Although most of NATO’s expenditures go to ensuring U.S. security, this country behaves as if others are indebted to it and, by exerting pressure, tries to impose its views and policies on other nations, especially European countries,” Kasemi said.

He also said that Tehran condemns and opposes the repeated accusations made against Iran concerning the country’s ballistic program, which, he said, does not violate the UN Security Council resolution.

Kasemi said that Iran, like all independent countries of the world, has the right to defense programs, based on treaties, to protect the interests, people and sovereignty of their country.
Earlier, NATO countries, in a joint message, expressed concern about the “frequent missile tests conducted by Iran and its destabilizing actions in a wide region of the Middle East.”

  Iran, USA, missile tests, UN Security Council