Israel calls air strikes on Syria its biggest air defense operation since 1982

The attacks on targets in Syria carried out by the Israeli military on Saturday, February 10, are the largest operation conducted by the Israeli Air Force against Syria's air defense since 1982. The newspaper Haaretz reported on this, citing General Tomer Bar, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Air Force.

The Israeli military claims to have struck 12 targets in Syria, including four Syrian air defense targets and four Iranian facilities, after the crash of one of its F-16 aircraft.

"This is a complete operational success; this was the largest attack on Syrian air defense systems since the days of [Operation] Peace for the Galilee," Barak's press service told the Israel Defense Forces.

Israeli planes launched the first raid on Syrian targets after shooting down an Iranian drone that had been violating the Israeli air border from Syria. Iran has denied that its drone flew into Israel. According to Bar, the drone flew over the territory of Israel for no more than thirty seconds, after which it was shot down by the helicopter.

During a raid by the Israeli Air Force against targets in Syria, one of the Israeli planes was shot down by a Syrian missile. The F-16 pilots were catapulted, while the plane fell into Israeli territory. After the incident, Israel launched a second massive attack, aimed at 12 targets.

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