Israel may have used latest Rampage missiles in last Syria attack

The Israeli Air Force may have used the latest Rampage air-launched ballistic missiles during its operation to destroy an Iranian center in Syria where surface-to-surface missiles supplied by Hezbollah were being stored.

This theory was proposed by the military analyst Babak Taghvaee on Twitter. He claims that Israel resorted to using Rampage missiles out of fear of possible losses if Syria were to activate its S-300 aerial defense systems.

"Israel Air Force successfully used Rampage for first time. Due to the danger of Syria Air Defense Force's S-300PM-2s, Israel Air Force had to use the rocket to target a rocket/ ballistic missile factory + weapon warehouses of IRGC proxies in Masyaf, Syria on 13/04/2019," Babak Taghvaee wrote.

The Rampage was first demonstrated in June 2018. Russia compared it to its own Kinzhal missile, primarily due to its aeroballistic trajectory that makes it difficult to intercept. The Russian news outlet believes that the missile is the reason behind the success of the Israeli operation.

Various news outlets reported that Israel destroyed a Syrian S-200 aerial defense system during its attack.

The Israeli-developed Rampage air-to-surface missile can be fired from 4th and 5th generation fighters and used to destroy enemy aerial defense systems and other facilities. It is 4.7 m in length, has a range of 150 km, and carries a 150 kg warhead.

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