French troops will arrive in Estonia on Monday as a part of NATO mission

On Monday, a contingent of 50 military servicemen from France will arrive in Estonia as a part of NATO mission, as reported by ERR news websites.

Currently, there are more than 80 British military personnel located in Estonia, preparing in collaboration with their Estonian colleagues for the reception of the main part of NATO Forces from the Rapid Response team.

On Friday, a contingent of 130 British military personnel arrived in the country. This is the first big group of personnel from the NATO rapid response force.

The deployment of the NATO contingent and military equipment in Estonia is planned to be completed in the first half of April.

The personnel will arrive in Estonia by air via the Ämari Air Base, and the equipment - by land or sea through the port of Paldiski.

Last July, in Warsaw the leaders of 28 NATO countries made the decision to station Allied Forces in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. In Estonia the international battalion will be headed by the UK, and it will include units from France and Denmark.

The composition of the group will be around 1200 military personnel. The UK will provide 800 of personnel, Warrior armored personnel carriers, Challenger 2 tanks and reconnaissance drones for Estonian mission.


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