Polish MP: Evidence of Russian war crimes in the Donbas will be handed over to The Hague

Aleksandr Zakharchenko and Igor Strelkov, leaders of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) have been indicted as war criminals in the Polish report to The Hague.

RBC-Ukraine reports that the evidence of Russian war crimes in Donbas in 2014 will be handed over to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, as Polish Parliamentarian Małgorzata Gosiewska told the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada. Gosiewska is co-author of the report "Russian Crimes in the East of Ukraine."

"I hope that in the coming days we will give the collected evidence material to the International Criminal court in The Hague,” Gosiewska stated, and added that the report only covered crimes in 2014. She noted that about 60 witnesses under various pseudonyms were interviewed for the preparation of the report. Zakharchenko and Strelkov were pointed out as war criminals.

"Our information showed the involvement of Russian soldiers in the conflict using heavy military equipment. Russian security services were directly involved as well. We collected evidence that some war prisoners were held in prison in the Russian territory, particularly in Donetsk on Russian territory [the Rostov region],” Gosiewska added. She stated that the main message of the authors of the report is that prosecution against war crimes is not subject to time limits and criminals will be punished. The work on the report will continue.

Earlier, it was reported that the report on Russia’s war crimes in Donbas would be presented in The Hague in April.

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