Poroshenko: Georgia and Ukraine have a common aggressor – Russia

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko wrote on Facebook that the Ukrainian and Georgian people will jointly fight for de-occupation of their territories.

"It's painful to look into the eyes of people who found themselves behind the barbed wire of the Russian occupation in friendly Georgia. It is important for me that people behind the line of demarcation in the Tskhinvali region feel that they are not alone, that the whole world is with them. The Ukrainian and Georgian people will jointly fight for the de-occupation of our territories," Poroshenko wrote.

The President is convinced that in order to liberate their occupied territories, Ukraine and Georgia must unite their efforts and efforts of the world community, the presidential press service reported.

"We have a common aggressor both in Ukraine and Georgia: the Russian Federation. As I already said, a very similar situation exists in the occupied territories: disorder, hopelessness, humanitarian disaster," Poroshenko stated.
He stressed that it is possible to liberate the territories from occupation only through political and diplomatic means, but for this, the unity of the whole world and solidarity with Ukraine and Georgia is needed.

"I believe that today the world is united, that Russia remains isolated, and that Russia must take steps that will contribute to the de-occupation of the Ukrainian and Georgian territories," the President said while visiting the line of demarcation with the occupied Tskhinvali region.

Earlier, during the press conference in Georgia, Poroshenko said that Ukraine would restore sovereignty over the Donbas and the Crimea.

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