Foreign Intelligence Service of Estonia announced that Russia is the only threat to the country’s security

The news portal reported that Russia is the only country that can pose a threat to the independence and territorial integrity of Estonia, according to the Yearbook of the Estonian Information Board - Foreign Intelligence Service, published on February 8. The Director General of the Information Board, Mikk Marran, said that particular emphasis was placed on Russia due to the assessment of potential threats to Estonia.

According to estimations of the Estonian Information Board, the internal problems in the Russian Federation steadily worsened in 2016 as expected. This year, possible changes in relations between Moscow and Washington will have the highest priority.

“Undoubtedly, 2017 will offer us some surprises. Strategically, in terms of our safety, the utmost importance is placed on the dynamics of relations between Moscow and the new administration of the United States and also the issue of how Kremlin will cope with domestic situation in which tension is constantly increasing,” Marran noted.

Marran believes that the Kremlin continues to test the strength of its borders, using both legal and illegal means. In this situation, the viability of a transatlantic security system based on mutual trust and shared capacities is critical. In his opinion, close attention should be kept on the maintenance of sanctions, as well as actions aimed at undermining European unity in the context of the upcoming elections in different countries.

  Estonia, Russia