Poland proposes to appoint UN special representatives for Ukraine

Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jacek Czaputowicz, proposed that the United Nations appoint a special representative for Ukraine, Radio Svoboda reports.

“We discussed this idea with Polish experts,” Czaputowicz stated following a meeting of the Security Council regarding the Ukrainian issue. “I consulted with Pavlo Klimkin and we decided to bring this idea to the agenda.”

 Czaputowicz did not specify any particular candidature for this post, noting that “different people can apply for this post.” According to him, this step could significantly contribute to resolving the situation in the Donbas. Czaputowicz predicts that “he will be supported by most countries” but “Russia’s unwillingness to solve the problem can again become an obstacle.”

“This decision should be taken by the Security Council and since some of its members have the veto right, we know that certain countries can be against it,” he explained. “But, since I heard from the Russian representative that his country is ready to fulfill the Minsk Agreements, maybe it would be appropriate to put this proposal to the vote?”

According to Czaputowicz, “the Normandy format” is not very successful, and that is why involvement of institutions such as the UN, who would attempt to assist with solving the problem, can significantly help change the situation in Eastern Ukraine.

At the same meeting of the UN Security Council on May 29, Russia rejected demands to acknowledge its responsibility for the  MH17  air disaster over the Donbas.

On May 1st, Poland commenced its presidency in the UN Security Council.

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