Putin and Assad meet in Sochi

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met in Sochi, reported RIA Novosti. According to the press secretary of the Russian president, Assad was in Sochi on official business.

“Vladimir Putin congratulated him on his success in the fight against terrorists. And Assad announced his willingness to settle the problems in Syria by political process,” the report stated.

It was reported on the Kremlin’s website that the leaders of Russia and Syria agreed to continue "their fight against terrorism".

“Today, in the course of the conversation, we agreed to continue our joint actions with the Syrian President to combat terrorism and terrorist entities in the Syrian Arab Republic. We noted the great results that the Syrian army has achieved in this fight, and concluded that now the situation is favorable for a political process,” said Putin about his meeting with Assad.

According to the report, the President of Syria thanked Putin and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, especially the Russian Aerospace Forces, who played “a very important role in the fight against terrorism in recent times,” and he described the negotiations in Sochi as productive.

  Putin, Assad