Putin says he is concerned about the threat of global conflict

During St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin told journalists that he is worried about the danger of a new global conflict.

The Russian President said that after the invention of nuclear weapons civilization lives in a state of relative peace and "it would be better not to bring it to the conflict."

"After the invention and creation of nuclear weapons, humanity is in a state of relative peace. Of course, except for regional conflicts. The state of relative global peace lasts for almost 75 years," the Kremlin press service quotes Putin.

However, he added that losing control of this "fire dragon" can lead to a global catastrophe.

"Today, everyone is dealing with environmental problems – and this is right, because climate change, anthropogenic emissions, and other similar problems are a global threat. That's the right thing to do. Children are involved in solving these problems all over the world. However, young people and especially teenagers and children don't realize the global threat and such a serious challenge associated with the issues of possible global conflict," Putin said.

"But I have the impression that somehow these questions became common, they somehow went a little by the wayside. This is distressing and is a matter of concern," said Russian President.

American General Curtis Scaparrotti in the spring of 2019, said that Russia could use nuclear weapons for quick advantages against weaker neighbors.

Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency Director Robert Ashley, in turn, said that Moscow could conduct a low power nuclear tests despite the existing prohibitions.

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