Russia recognizes Ukrainian World Congress as undesirable organization

The Prosecutor General's office of Russia recognized the Canadian non-governmental organization Ukrainian World Congress as undesirable. The statement of the Prosecutor General notes that the activities of the organization pose a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system, as well as the security of Russia.

Ukrainian World Congress was established in 1967 in the USA. Now the headquarters of the organization is in Toronto. The website of the organization says that the Ukrainian World Congress is a coordinator for Ukrainian diasporas around the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on undesirable organizations in May 2015. Organizations that are included in the list are not allowed to work in Russia, and any cooperation with them is banned.

Any non-governmental organization that, in the opinion of the Attorney General or his Deputy, poses a "threat to the security of the country and the foundations of the constitutional order" may be considered undesirable. When the organization is included in the list of undesirable organizations, all the bank accounts of the organization are frozen, and all its branches must also be closed. Violators of the law can be fined up to 500 thousand rubles and can be imprisoned for up to eight years.

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