Russian Kalibr missile-armed frigate enters Cuba

The Russian naval frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” has entered the port in the Cuban capital of Havana, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on its website.

The frigate arrived with a detachment of other ships and auxiliary vessels from Russia’s North Fleet, and will remain there until 26 June. The detachment commander will meet with the leaders of the Cuban Armed Forces, visit museums and take tours. There are also plans for Russian Ambassador to Cuba Andrei Guskov to visit the Admiral Gorshkov.

The North Fleet detachment has been on the move for four months, since 26 February 2019, and has covered nearly 28,000 nautical miles (51,800 km). The ships have docked in the ports of Djibouti, East Africa, and Colombo, Sri Lanka. The detachment led by the Admiral Gorshkov also visited the Chinese port of Qindao, where it attended the celebrations on the occasion of the Chinese Navy’s 70th anniversary.

At the end of May, the Admiral Gorshkov carried out a submarine hunting exercise in the Pacific Ocean using onboard sonar equipment. In addition to a Kalibr missile system, the frigate is equipped with Poliment-Redut surface-to-air missiles and a Paket anti-sumbarine system.

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