Russian media: Russian air force thwarted Israeli attack on Syria

The Russian news portal reported that Russian Su-35S multi-role super-maneuverable fighter aircraft of the fourth generation prevented the Israeli Air Force from attacking targets in Syria on the night of September 9.

The news outlet claims that the Russian aircraft “were urgently scrambled from the Khmeimim airbase” and sent to intercept the Israeli bombers in order to prevent them from “attacking Syria in response to an alleged bombardment of Israeli territory”.

The article emphasizes that the “Syrian anti-air defense systems were fully combat ready in order to repel the Israeli attacks, but it was actually the Su-35S that impeded the Israeli aircraft”.

At the end of August, the Russian media reported that Su-35S fighters had intercepted Israeli planes in the airspace over Lebanon, preventing them from carrying out a raid on “the southern suburbs of the Syrian capital”.

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