Czech Republic Senate wants Prime Minister Babis to resign over ‘Crimean scandal’

Radio Praha reports that the Czech Senate adopted a resolution that urged Prime Minister Andrej Babis to resign. According to a message, "The upper house of parliament made the following decision by a majority of votes. Members of the Social Democratic Party, an ally of the ANO movement in the government coalition also voted in favor."

Reports say that thousands of people took to the central streets of Prague, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Andrej Babis because of the scandal over his son’s trip to Crimea.

The media also reported that six opposition parties in the Czech Republic presented a proposal to express a motion of no-confidence in the Babish government. According to the opposition, the Prime Minister obstructed the investigation into the Stork’s Nest farm and hotel complex fraud.

The charges were brought after information appeared in the media that the Prime Minister’s son, 35-year-old Andrej Babis Jr. was forcibly taken to the Crimea in order to prevent him from being questioned by investigators.

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