Ukraine’s aircraft engine manufacture accuses the Washington Times of ‘ties with Russia’

The Ukrainian company Motor Sich JSC accused the American newspaper The Washington Times of its having ties with Russia. The newspaper published an article criticizing Kyiv’s deal to deliver aircraft engines to China.

The company is engaged in the development and production of aviation gas turbine engines for aircraft and helicopters. According to the company, it is about unfair competition from the Russian side, which tries to lobby its interests through the sensation in the US media.

“Only the blind will not see the lobbying of the Russian producers’ interests behind all the buzz raised in the media … Such methods have all the signs of unfair competition," – cited the company’ statement the Ukrainian news outlet 

The statement noted that since 2014, Motor Sich lost its traditional sales market in Russia, and if the contract between China and Ukraine for the delivery of AI-222 engines breaks, Beijing will buy similar engines in Russia.

In addition, the company stressed that the deal cannot be called a "betrayal" of the U.S. since  it in no way affects the combat capability of the Chinese Air Force.

Earlier, The Washington Times reported that Ukraine sold combat aircraft engines to China "against the U.S. interests." The newspaper noted that Motor Sich Company supplied 20 engines for 12 JL-10 training aircraft. In total, the contract for $380 million involves the supply of 250 aircraft engines.

  Ukraine, USA, China, Russia