Two local MPs killed in separatist-held Luhansk

"In the Kamennobrodsky district of the city of Luhansk, on the evening of August 27, on a private housing construction site, there was a killing of two persons who were deputies of the People's Council of the LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic)," reported LPR media, citing the representative of Prosecutor General’s Office, Grigory Tsevenko. The circumstances of the murder have not been reported.

The separatist website LuganskInformCenter reported that Anatoly Krivonosov and Inna Kuznetsova were killed. Both were dealing with "compensation payments for injuries and death of the LPR soldiers." It was noted that they recently had conflicts with Igor Plotnitsky, the leader of the LPR.

The “deputies” are not the only homicide victims this year. In early February, the head of the "People's Militia of the LPR" died in a car explosion. In March, the former deputy head of the "People's Militia" was killed.

  Luhansk, LPR, Ukraine