5 countries oppose Nord Stream 2 pipelines

The heads of parliament of Poland, Latvia and Lithuania have signed an open letter to the parliaments of European states concerning the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The ceremony took place on March 11 in Vilnius, Polish radio reported.

“The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is intended to make EU states dependent on Russian energy,” the document states.

The authors point out that energy security is a key component of a united and flourishing Europe. Despite the fact that Nord Stream 2 is presented as a commercial project, in actual fact it is a Russian political instrument, the letter states.

The signatory countries urge other European states to guarantee that the gas pipeline will be operated according to the rules of the EU.

“Because this document has been signed by a group of countries, and not by individual states, its voice is more powerful… The one principle is mutual concern for the security of all countries in the European Union, as well as for countries in its eastern section. We want to cooperate with everyone, but we also want them to respect and care about the security of the citizens of our Baltic states and Poland. Together we all support Ukraine, which is currently fighting a fierce battle for its independence,” Polish Marshal of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński told reporters.

Ukrainian Chairman of Parliament Andriy Parubiy and his Moldovan colleague Andrian Candu signed the same letter on March 2 in Chișinău. “In this letter, Nord Stream 2 is considered a destabilization factor. It emphasizes the Russian government’s attempts to influence European states and weaken our countries,” Parubiy said at the time.

Earlier Poland said that Nord Stream 2 could threaten the security of the Baltic region.

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