Russia begins exercises of Strategic Missile Forces

Russia has begun drills for the strategic missile forces. 11 regiments of the Topol, Topol-M and Yars missile systems have been brought out to the combat patrol routes, the Russian Defense Ministry press service announced.

The patrolling will take place from the Tver to the Irkutsk province. During the exercises, a third of the regiments will carry out intensive maneuvers.

“In addition to the tasks and introductions relating to bringing the units to various levels of combat readiness, as well as carrying out maneuvers with land-based mobile missile systems, they will definitely practice mastering new combat patrol regions,” the report states.

The Russian army’s maneuvers will take place both during the day and at night. The introduction to patrol routes will be sudden. The soldiers will work on tasks related to opposing an imaginary enemy’s sabotage groups.

Nearly 400 units of large equipment will be brought out for the strategic missile forces drills.

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