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  • Russian oligarchs fleeing to London at record rate

    The UK remains the favorite “end point” for the money of wealthy Russians, who are buying residential and commercial property in the British capital, reports.

    In the third quarter, the demand from ethnic Russians for property in London spiked to a record high due to growing tension between Russia and the West.

    According to Knight Frank, one in every five houses in London costing more than £10 million was purchased by Russian citizens. In 2016, Russians accounted for only 6% of such …

  • Media: Russian hackers stole Ukraine and Brexit related documents from German government

    According to Spiegel, hackers who attacked the servers of the German Government managed to steal the documents about of the British withdrawal from the European Union (Berxit).

    Also, they stole documents on EU negotiations with Ukraine and Belarus. According to Spiegel, six documents were stolen in total.

    Last week, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported on a hacker attack on the German government's network. According to the media, the hackers intended to get access to the documents of the …

  • UK Ambassador in Kyiv: Despite Brexit, we will continue to support Ukraine

    The Ambassador of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland to Ukraine, Judith Gough, assured that the possible exit of Great Britain from the EU will not have a significant impact on relations with Ukraine, including military cooperation, as the diplomat stated at the commemorative ceremony for those killed in past wars, which is celebrated on November 11, UNIAN reports.

    “I don’t think that this will have a significant impact. If you remember one of the first visits of our Secretary for Foreign …

  • British Ambassador in Kiev: Brexit will not change the UK's support for Ukraine

    Britain’s exit from the European Union will not affect its support of, and assistance to, Ukraine.

    “What does a referendum in the UK mean for our policy with regard to Ukraine?” this was asked on the blog of the British Ambassador to the Ukraine, Judith Gough.

    According to her, the UK will continue to stand side-by-side with Ukraine.

    “The UK will continue to assist Ukraine in the fight against corruption, in particular by supporting the Prosecutor General’s Office and the National Anti- …

  • Macierewicz: Brexit will not weaken NATO

    On the 24th of June, Antoni Macierewicz stated that withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU won’t affect the relationship of the country to NATO and will not weaken the Alliance, Radio Polsha reported.

    “There are no reasons for hysteria. The European Union is a union of sovereign and independent states. Each country has a right to decide its own fate. The United Kingdom made its choice,” Macierewicz stated.

    The Polish Minister of National Defense noted that the possibility of the …