Macierewicz: Brexit will not weaken NATO

On the 24th of June, Antoni Macierewicz stated that withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU won’t affect the relationship of the country to NATO and will not weaken the Alliance, Radio Polsha reported.

“There are no reasons for hysteria. The European Union is a union of sovereign and independent states. Each country has a right to decide its own fate. The United Kingdom made its choice,” Macierewicz stated.

The Polish Minister of National Defense noted that the possibility of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU was the topic of meetings with the British Secretary of State for Defense, Michael Fallon, the British Ambassador to Poland and also the topic of discussions in a wider circle of European countries. Macierewicz stressed that the British assured them at every meeting that it will not change its position on NATO regardless of referendum decision.

The Polish Minister noted that the United Kingdom is actively participating in ensuring security in the northeastern region of NATO, including the Baltic States and Ukraine.

On the23rd of June, 51.9% of Britons voted in favor of withdrawal from the European Union.

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