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  • Russia rejects U.S. nuclear weapons ultimatum

    The U.S. may not expect Russia to try to bring China to the negotiating table on strategic weapons, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov during an online discussion organized by the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.

    According to Ryabkov, the Americans made such a demand at the negotiations on the extension of the START 3 treaty, the last existing agreement limiting the number of nuclear warheads in the United States and Russia.

    The treaty, which expires in 2021, has …

  • Russia begins work on new gas pipeline to China

    Nord Stream-2 is not yet completed, but Russian gas giant Gazprom has already started designing a new gas pipeline, which will transport Russian gas to China via Mongolia. On Monday, the head of Russia's Gazprom, Alexei Miller, announced the start of work on the Power of Siberia-2 gas pipeline.

    "On behalf of the Russian President, Gazprom has started design and preparatory work on the Power of Siberia-2 gas pipeline. It could become a new export channel with a capacity of up to 50 billion …

  • Billionaire Deripaska accuses China of destroying Russia's climate

    China and other countries of Southeast Asia have barbaric attitude towards the environment, which provoked a "strange" winter and other adverse climatic phenomena in Russia, said Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska.

    "Floods, fires, which this year began earlier than usual in Siberia, incomprehensible winter a second year in a row, drought, which is likely to lead to serious crop failure in the European part of Russia - all these unpleasant surprises are a consequence of the barbaric attitude to …

  • Chinese media: Russia to respond to NATO threat in Black Sea

    Russia will deploy Project 22350 frigates in the Black Sea in response to the threat from NATO, writes the Chinese newspaper Renmin Ribao.

    The author of the publication called the Black Sea region one of the main places of confrontation between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance and noted that the latter has been constantly strengthening the military presence there since 2017 - sending warships and reconnaissance aircraft.

    "In the face of the threat from NATO, Russia is taking measures to …

  • China tightens border control with Russia due to increased coronavirus cases

    Authorities in Heilongjiang Province in northern China are stepping up control measures on the border with Russia due to the increase in the number of imported coronavirus cases, reported the Chinese newspaper Renmin Ribao.

    Because of the increase in such cases, the provincial authorities extended the closure of the Suifenhe (Heilongjiang- Primorye) border crossing, with the exception of freight traffic. The rules for the inspection of goods have been tightened. All arrivals are required to …

  • China faces new wave of coronavirus cases coming from Russia

    Over the past 24 hours, Chinese medics have found 20 Chinese citizens with COVID-19 infection who have returned to their homeland from Moscow in recent days, RIA Novosti reports, citing the Russian Consulate General in Harbin.

    "Over the past 24 hours, 20 people have been officially diagnosed with COVID-19 infection in the consular district. All of them were citizens of the People's Republic of China, who arrived from Moscow through Vladivostok and crossed the border through the Suifenhe border …

  • Spain returns to China unreliable coronavirus test kits also purchased by Ukraine

    Spain has sent a large batch of rapid coronavirus test kits back to the Chinese manufacturer because they proved unreliable, reports El Pais.

    On March 10, Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko announced that the Ukrainian authorities bought similar rapid test kits. These test kits were to be distributed to seven hospitals for coronavirus testing.

    It is noted that the first 9,000 test kits from the shipment had an accuracy of only 30% while the required accuracy is at least 80%.

    At the same time, …

  • China buys cheap Russian oil in record volumes

    China has taken advantage of falling demand for oil in Europe amid a coronavirus pandemic to replenish its reserves with oil from Russia. According to traders, China has already purchased 1.6 million tons of Russian oil for shipping by sea in the next four weeks, Reuters reported. At the same time, the Chinese are enjoying not only a drop in demand for oil in Europe, but also low prices for Russian raw materials.

    According to traders, Russian oil companies are quite happy with orders from …

  • Ukraine receives first shipment of coronavirus test kits from China

    A cargo planed of the Ukrainian Armed Forces arrived in Ukraine from China. It delivered rapid coronavirus test kits and other medical equipment, reported the press service of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration.

    Two types of tests were delivered: PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and tests for rapid diagnostics. 250,000 rapid test kits have been delivered, and the number of PCR has not been specified.

    China has also provided medical masks with varying degrees of protection, disinfectants, …

  • Russia closes its border to Chinese

    The Russian government has temporarily banned Chinese citizens from entering the country, regardless of the purpose of their visit. The relevant decree has already been signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, and takes effect on February 20, Interfax reports.

    The office of Vice Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, head of the operational headquarters for preventing the spread of the coronavirus in Russia, noted that “the acceptance of documents and the drafting and issuance of …