German media: China preparing to supply Russia with kamikaze drones for war in Ukraine

China is going to supply Russia with kamikaze drones, which will be used against Ukraine, reports Der Spiegel. According to the newspaper, Moscow and Beijing are already in talks about the first shipment of one hundred drones.

According to Der Spiegel, the supplier is the Chinese manufacturer of drones Xi'an Bingo Intelligent Aviation Technology. The company has agreed to provide Russia with prototypes of his ZT-180 UAVs by April 2023. Military experts believe that the drones will be similar to the Iranian Shahed-136, actively used by Russia against Ukraine. Chinese drones will be able to carry a payload weighing from 35 to 50 kg. According to Der Spiegel, in the future, Bingo plans to supply Russia with its components and technologies for establishing production in Russia.

In addition, Germany has data indicating that China is handing over commercial drones to Russia. Deliveries are carried out by Chinese state corporations through the United Arab Emirates. According to Der Spiegel’s sources familiar with the details of these deals, Russia is using these commercial UAVs in Ukraine for intelligence purposes.

This is not the first report that China is supplying Russia with weapons. China denies this information. Earlier, the Chinese Foreign Ministry published "China's Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukrainian Crisis," in which it calls for the end of hostilities and the "rejection of the Cold War mentality."

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