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  • Belarus reduces supplies of Russian oil to Poland

    The Belarusian national oil company Gomel Transneft reduced for three days the flow of oil to Poland through the Druzhba pipeline because of the unscheduled repairs on one of the branches of the pipeline that began yesterday, said the official representative of the Russian oil company Transneft Igor Demin.

    "Since yesterday, Gomeltransneft (Belarus) has begun unscheduled repairs on one of the main branches of the Druzhba pipeline, limiting flow in the direction of Adamova Zastava (Poland) for …

  • Poland, following Belarus, shuts off main Russian oil export pipeline

    The Druzhba oil pipeline, one of Russia’s largest oil export channels to the EU, has been paralyzed by Poland's and Belarus' synchronous decision to shut it off.

    Both branches of the pipeline, built in the 1960s to supply Soviet oil to eastern European countries, were shut off over the weekend.

    Belarus was the first to stop pumping oil. On August 9, the day of President Alexander Lukashenko's visit to Moscow, the state concern Belneftekhim stopped exports along Druzhba’s southern branch in …

  • Belarus hikes tariff on Russian oil transit by 6.6%

    The Belarusian Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade (MART) has decided to hike the tariff on the transit of Russian oil through the country by 6.6%, the department announced on its website.

    The tariff increase is calculated according to a special formula. “The tariff hike amount has been determined… as the average annual consumer price index established by parameters of Russia’s predicted socio-economic growth in 2020, amounting to 3.6%, plus three percentage points,” the ministry …

  • Chlorine found again in Russian oil

    Russian oil has once again been found to contain levels of organochlorides significantly above European standards. In spring, such contamination resulted in more than a month of downtime on the Druzhba pipeline as EU buyers returned more than a million tons of substandard oil to Russia.

    According to RIA Novosti, the Russian oil transport monopoly Transneft has discovered a high chloride content in the oil supplied by Bashneft, making it some of the dirtiest oil in the country.

    Bashneft, which …

  • Russian oil giant Rosneft loses one third of cash flow due to ‘dirty oil’ scandal

    The chloride-contaminated Russian oil scandal, which resulted in nearly a month of downtime on the Druzhba oil pipeline and more than a million tons of substandard oil being returned to Russia by European consumers, has significantly impacted Rosneft’s financial results, reports.

    At the end of the first half of the year, Russia’s largest oil extraction company reported a sharp decline in cash flow and a more than 70% decrease in cash reserves.

    Between January and June, Rosneft …