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  • Ukraine and Poland sign memorandum to cooperate on Via Carpatia road system

    On October 22nd, Ukraine and Poland signed a memorandum regarding continued cooperation on Via Carpatia. This is a road system that will connect a number of Eastern European countries from the north to the south. Ukraine was expected to join the project.

    The press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure reported that Ukrainian Minister Volodymyr Omelyan and his Polish colleague Andrzej Adamczyk signed the memorandum.

    They also held a bilateral meeting in which they agreed to a partnership …

  • First US tanks arrive in Poland

    According to the news website, the first batch of tanks from the United States arrived in Poland as part of the effort to strengthen NATO's eastern flank.

    "The US military posted a photo of the unloading of the first M1 Abrams tank on Polish soil. This is the first tank detachment, redeployed by NATO to the East, but not the first such vehicle in Poland," news noted.

    The photograph was posted by the 16th Sustainment Brigade that provides logistics support in the EU. It has …

  • US military equipment arrives in Germany for deployment to Eastern Europe

    On Friday, January 6, the US 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division in Eastern Europe began unloading military equipment in the German city of Bremerhaven as part of the unit’s new deployment, Deutsche Welle reported.

    In Bremerhaven, this military hardware will be loaded onto railway cars and then sent to its destination in Poland. According to the Bundeswehr, 900 railcars with a total length of 14 kilometers will be required to transport the equipment.

    On January 4, the …

  • NATO's involvement in the fight against ISIS will weaken airspace control over Eastern Europe

    NATO’s participation in the fight against the so-called Islamic State will lead to a loosening of NATO airspace control in eastern and central Europe, the DPA news agency reported on Saturday, August 27, citing sources in military circles.

    According to the agency, the alliance does not have enough AWACS radio detection aircraft systems to comply with US demands to continue the fight against the so-called Islamic State, without reducing activity in the other areas. Therefore, military experts …

  • Canada to contribute troops for new NATO battalions in Eastern Europe

    Canada will take the lead role in the battalions’ creation, in order to support a program of deterrence and defense in Central and Eastern Europe, according to the government of Canada’s website.

    “As one of the four leading nations, Canada intends to create and lead the rotary multinational battle group of NATO, which will contribute to increasing the presence of NATO in Eastern and Central Europe, along with the United States, Britain and Germany,” stated the message.

    More information about …

  • Russian politician: Russia will respond to NATO's actions in Eastern Europe

    Russia will respond to NATO’s military buildup in Eastern Europe, as stated by the Deputy Head of Russia’s Upper House Committee for Defense and Security, Franz Klintsevich, Russian media reports.  

    According to him, by deploying troops in Eastern Europe, NATO is creating a foothold in the region for a global strike on Russia.

    He noted that a number of NATO military personnel in the Baltic, Romania and Poland have increased 19 times, however, according to him, this figure is no danger to …

  • NATO to continue bolstering defense in Eastern Europe

    On Wednesday, the Defense Ministers of NATO member states agreed on the need to station more troops in Eastern Europe in order to deter Russia’s aggressive foreign policy. The matter will be discussed in depth during a meeting of the allies in Warsaw this summer.

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that the specifics of the future Eastern European contingent have not yet been determined. The Alliance is especially concerned with “hybrid threats”, and according to Stoltenberg, the …