First US tanks arrive in Poland

According to the news website, the first batch of tanks from the United States arrived in Poland as part of the effort to strengthen NATO's eastern flank.

"The US military posted a photo of the unloading of the first M1 Abrams tank on Polish soil. This is the first tank detachment, redeployed by NATO to the East, but not the first such vehicle in Poland," news noted.

The photograph was posted by the 16th Sustainment Brigade that provides logistics support in the EU. It has to be noted that the military of the Brigade is in charge of the unloading of the equipment and its delivery to the destination point.

As was previously reported, 250 American soldiers who are part of a tank brigade that is reinforcing NATO’s eastern flank, arrived at the airport in Wroclaw and from there went to a training ground in nearby Żagań (Lubusz Voivodeship).

The unloading of US military equipment began on January 6th in the port of Bremerhaven in Germany. 4,000 troops of the 3rd Armored Brigade and the 4th Infantry Division of the US, armed with 87 tanks, will be deployed in Eastern and Central Europe.

Back in April, it was reported that the United States announced its plans to deploy an armored brigade in Eastern Europe as part of NATO’s effort to counter Russia's aggressive foreign policy.

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