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  • US Navy artillery’s range now triple that of Russia’s naval guns

    The US has managed to extend its artillery range to 50 km with its new Excalibur N5 shell. The shots were fired from an MK45 Mod. 4 ship-based artillery system, which has a basic range of 15-16 km. However, long distance shots are typically less accurate and lead to an overexpenditure of ammunition.

    The new 127 mm shell was developed by Raytheon, and has been equipped with a special GPS navigation system, which enables it to be accurate despite the range boost to 48.1 km. Satisfactory results …

  • Indian military to replace Russian Krasnopol with American M982 Excalibur shells

    The Indian media has been reporting a decision by the country’s military to “seriously upgrade” its precision munitions arsenal by acquiring US-produced 155 mm M982 Excalibur guided artillery shells. The munitions will be used to equip divisions armed with M777 and Vajra K9 howitzers.

    India’s military command has reportedly evaluated the precision artillery munitions on the global market and concluded that the M982 Excalibur would be the “most suitable choice” for the Indian army. Other …