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  • Germany to seize over 720 million euros from Russian financial institution amid EU sanctions

    Germany's Federal Prosecutor, Peter Frank, is planning to seize more than 720 million euros owned by a Russian financial institution and transfer them to the state treasury, reports Spiegel. Germany's Federal Prosecutor's Office confirmed that the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt was requested to confiscate over 720 million euros that are held in accounts of the Russian National Settlement Depository (NSD), a division of the Moscow Stock Exchange.

    The Russian National Settlement Depository …

  • German media: Ukraine is gearing up for 2024 counteroffensive

    Ukraine may be preparing a counteroffensive for next year, which was planned for this summer by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, reports Welt, citing German expert and Senior Research Fellow at the Munich Security Conference, Nico Lange.

    Although the Ukrainian counteroffensive this year clearly reached a deadlock and Western support is somewhat wavering, there are signs that Kyiv is preparing a plan for 2024. Lange notes that most of the tanks and …

  • Germany to provide 350,000 additional 155mm artillery shells to Ukraine

    Germany will supply Ukraine with additional 155 mm artillery shells as part of military assistance. The budget committee of the German Bundestag approved a framework agreement with a French ammunition manufacturer, as reported on the website of the German Bundestag.

    This agreement allows for the production and delivery of up to 350,000 large-caliber projectiles. Under the framework agreement, the French company has already received an order from Germany for the production of 68,000 …

  • Germany to deliver second Patriot air defense system and other military support to Ukraine by end of 2023

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on Wednesday, December 13th, that the second Patriot air defense system will be delivered to Ukraine by the end of 2023. During his speech in the Bundestag, the Chancellor stated that Ukraine's ability to defend itself against Russian drones and missiles has already improved and will further improve.

    According to Scholz, Germany will deliver the second Patriot SAM system to Ukraine this year. The Chancellor added that Kyiv will also receive armored …

  • Investigation reveals influential German journalist received funding from Russia to promote Putin's image

    German journalist Hubert Seipel, who conducted interviews with Putin and wrote two books about him, has admitted to receiving "financial support" in the hundreds of thousands of euros from a Russian oligarch without disclosing it. The series of articles about this were published by Der Spiegel.

    Seipel, who had regularly participated in talk shows and interviews as a "Putin expert," had previously denied allegations of receiving money from the Kremlin. In a 2021 interview, when asked about it, …

  • Ukraine secures contract with Germany’s Rheinmetall for leopard 1 tanks and support vehicles

    The Ukrainian government has signed a contract with the German company Rheinmetall for the delivery of Leopard 1 tanks, according to Rheinmetall’s press service. It is specified that a total of 32 armored vehicles will be supplied, including 25 main battle tanks Leopard 1A5, five recovery vehicles (Bergepanzer 2), and two training tanks for drivers. "The order, financed by the German government and valued in the upper double-digit million euro range, also includes training, logistics, spare …

  • Ukraine and German defense conglomerate Rheinmetall establish joint venture to service western equipment

    Ukrainian Defense Industry PLC and leading German defense conglomerate Rheinmetall have established a joint venture, reported Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal on his Telegram channel.

    Rheinmetall-Ukrainian Defense Industry LLC will provide repair and maintenance services for Western equipment, noted Shmygal. The opening of the new company took place at the 6th German-Ukrainian Economic Forum in Berlin.

    "The joint venture will carry out the servicing and repair of equipment supplied to …

  • German company ships ammunition production machine to Russia despite sanctions

    A Spinner machine, used for manufacturing ammunition, is on its way from Turkey to Russia, reports the Trap Aggressor project of the analytical center StateWatch.

    The machine has been ordered by the Joint Stock Company "Serovsky Mechanical Plant," a Russian military-industrial company that produces artillery shells and their casings, and is part of the Russian defense holding Rostec. Among other things, the plant manufactures casings for 152mm shells for the self-propelled artillery system …

  • German Defense Minister: decision on supplying Taurus missiles to Ukraine expected within two weeks

    German authorities may make a decision on supplying Ukraine with Taurus long-range  missiles within one to two weeks, reported Tagesschau, citing German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius.

    "If it takes a week or two for the decision to be made, then so be it," he said at the first Westphalian Peace Conference in Münster.

    Pistorius assured that this does not indicate any doubts from the federal government's side.

    "Germany must demonstrate such caution, even if it is difficult for our Ukrainian …

  • German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall buys 50 Leopard-1 tanks from Belgium for shipment to Ukraine

    The German defense concern Rheinmetall has bought 50 Leopard-1 tanks from Belgium, reports the newspaper Handelsblatt, citing its sources.

    Rheinmetall reportedly purchased Leopard 1 tanks from Belgium to re-equip them and ship about 30 of them to Ukraine.

    According to the newspaper, Rheinmetall initially wanted to buy Leopard tanks from the Swiss defense company Ruag. However, Switzerland did not issue an export license in accordance with its neutrality law, and Rheinmetall had to look for …