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  • Merkel to visit Russia at Putin's invitation on January 11

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel will arrive in Russia on January 11 at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, reported the press service of the Kremlin. The leaders of the two countries plan to discuss the crisis in the Middle East after the assassination by U.S. forces of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

    The parties also plan to discuss the situation in Syria, Libya and the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, including the implementation of the agreements reached at the …

  • Media: Russian diplomats expelled from Germany were spies

    The German tabloid Bild has discovered biographical details pertaining to the second Russian diplomat who was expelled from Germany following the murder of the Georgian citizen Zelimkhan Khangoshvili.

    According to Bild, diplomatic activity was only a cover for the 43 year-old “GRU agent” Andrey Alexandrovich Komarov.

    The Russian traveled to Berlin with his wife in September 2017, three months after his colleague Yevgeny Sutsky, who has also been expelled from Germany.

    Officially Komarov was …

  • 2,000 German companies have pulled out of Russia

    German companies are continuing to withdraw from Russia, winding up operations in the wake of US sanctions and the decline of solvent demand.

    In the five years since Russia annexed Crimea, its relations with the West have deteriorated sharply, and nearly 2,000 German companies have left the Russian market, Deutsche Welle reports, citing data from the Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber.

    At the end of 2019, 4,274 companies with German capital were operating in Russia, as opposed to 6,200 in 20 …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Germany declined to provide military assistance to Kyiv

    The German news agency RND has cited Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko as saying that Germany refused to provide Ukraine with military assistance “needed for opposing Russian aggression”.

    The Ukrainian Foreign Minister said that Kyiv is gratef l to Berlin for financial aid and for support on the international level, but must nevertheless note that the German government declined Ukraine’s request for military aid.

    “I am still expecting official Berlin to revise its stance on this …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Merkel is not offended after she was mentioned in Zelensky-Trump conversation

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said that no one should be surprised because of the words that leaders of different countries use in confidential telephone conversations, reports German news agency RND.

    According to Prystaiko, Trump "reminded" Zelensky that "because of their geographical proximity, the Europeans should do more for the security" of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian President agreed with Trump.

    Prystaiko also said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not offended by the …

  • German media: Former Stasi spy and friend of Putin is head of Nord Stream 2

    Matthias Warnig, CEO of Nord Stream 2 AG, the operator of the gas pipeline of the same name, worked as a spy for Stasi, the secret police of the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany), back in 1974, Der Standart reports.

    With the code name “Arthur”, Warnig from the Düsseldorf GDR trade mission gave East Berlin information about west German companies. According to the article, between 1981 and 1990 Warnig held various posts in the GDR government, including positions in the Ministry of …

  • Germany to help Ukraine modernize gas transmission system

    Peter Beyer, the German government’s Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation, said that Germany will help Ukraine to upgrade its gas transmission system (GTS).

    “It’s not the case that Ukraine is being left on its own. On the contrary, we have obligations, and we will keep them,” Beyer said in an interview on German radio.

    He admitted that the agreement between Russia and Ukraine to extend gas transit “is actually shorter than initially imagined”, but an important consideration is that …

  • Nord Stream 2 contractor suspends work on pipeline as US sanctions take effect

    Swiss pipeline installation and subsea construction company Allseas, which is working on Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, suspended the construction activities, reported the press service of the company.

    Allseas indicated that such a decision was made "in anticipation of the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)," which includes sanctions against the operators of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. "Allseas will proceed, consistent with the legislation's wind down provision and …

  • US Senate approves sanctions against Nord Stream 2

    The US Senate has approved the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the 2020 financial year, which obligates the White House to impose sanctions on the Russian gas pipelines Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream.

    On December 11, the House of Representatives voted in favor of the NDAA, and now the 3,500-page document is on President Donald Trump’s desk, awaiting his signature.

    Certain points of the document, which raises the US’s annual military expenditure by 3.1% to $738 billion, impose “ …

  • Putin and Merkel discuss Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

    During a telephone conversation, Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the possibilities of Russian gas transit through Ukraine in 2020 and the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, reports the Kremlin's press service.

    Putin and Merkel also positively assessed the Normandy Four Summit, which was held in Paris on December 9.

    Also, the leaders discussed the situation in Libya. According to the report, the parties noted the need to …