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  • Sweden clarifies why Ukraine chose F-16 jets over Gripen: challenges of managing dual fighter systems

    Ukrainian authorities have concluded that implementing two Western fighter jet systems, the F-16 and the Gripen, in the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the same time is extremely challenging.

    Sweden's Foreign Minister Tobias Billström stated that Stockholm was ready to transfer its Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine, but Kyiv decided to hold off on this idea due to the receipt of the F-16 jets. In an interview with Voice of America, Billström explained that dealing with two complex systems …

  • Sweden suspends delivery of Gripen Jets to Ukraine amid coalition’s F-16 focus

    Some member states of the air defence coalition have requested Sweden to pause the planned delivery of Gripen jets to Ukraine, said Swedish Defence Minister Pal Jonson in Brussels.

    "This is because the current focus is on the implementation of the F-16 system," he explained.

    Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway have pledged to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets, with the first aircraft expected to be delivered this summer.

    "We do not rule out the possibility that this (delivery …

  • Ukraine in talks with Sweden over potential Gripen aircraft supply

    Ukraine and Sweden are currently in talks regarding the potential supply of Gripen aircraft to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The discussions took place during a meeting between Ukraine's Minister of Defense, Rustem Umerov, his deputy Lieutenant General, Ivan Gavrilyuk, and the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, General Micael Byden, as reported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

    "There continues to be fruitful bilateral work on the delivery of Gripen aircraft to us," stated Ivan …

  • Sweden considers sending Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine

    The Swedish government has asked the country's Armed Forces to examine the possibility of sending Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine, and to provide a report on the matter by November 6, said Swedish Defence Minister Pål Jonson during a press conference, where he announced a new aid package to the Ukrainian Armed Forces worth 2.2 billion kronor (approximately $200 million).

    However, the Minister emphasized that due to internal security reasons, Sweden must become a member of NATO …