Ukraine in talks with Sweden over potential Gripen aircraft supply

Ukraine and Sweden are currently in talks regarding the potential supply of Gripen aircraft to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The discussions took place during a meeting between Ukraine's Minister of Defense, Rustem Umerov, his deputy Lieutenant General, Ivan Gavrilyuk, and the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, General Micael Byden, as reported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

"There continues to be fruitful bilateral work on the delivery of Gripen aircraft to us," stated Ivan Gavrliyuk. The Deputy Minister also mentioned that there are "certain issues related to NATO" and expressed hope that "through joint efforts, we will be able to obtain these aircraft."

General Micael Byden noted that the delivery of Swedish aircraft to Ukraine is being discussed at both political and military levels. "I know that the dialogue between our countries continues. So, we are waiting for political decisions," General Byden added.

In addition to the aircraft, officials also talked about collaboration in the field of innovation, sharing experiences gained during war, and military assistance matters.

Earlier, Sweden has expressed readiness to train Ukrainian pilots. However, the delivery of actual fighters has been declined due to their lack in the Swedish armed forces.

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