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  • Russian revolutionary ballistic missile fails to launch before Putin’s eyes

    Russia’s Grom (“Thunder”) 2019 exercise conducted in the Arctic between October 15 and 17 to rehearse the outbreak of nuclear war has exposed problems in Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.

    During the maneuvers, which involved more than 12,000 troops and which were led by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself during the final stage, there was an incident on the nuclear submarine K-44 “Ryazan”.

    As reported by Vedomosti , citing sources close to the Defense Ministry, the submarine, which …

  • Russia rehearses global catastrophe in Arctic maneuvers

    Russia’s Grom-2019 (“Thunder-2019”) strategic exercise conducted from October 15-17 in the Arctic can be described as “a rehearsal of all-out nuclear war” according to Alexander Golts, editor-in-chief of the Russian online magazine Yezhednevny Zhurnal (Daily Journal).

    As reported previously by the Russian Defense Ministry, the exercise involved troops from all four of Russia’s military districts and its Northern Fleet. During the training maneuvers, the Russian military practiced “deploying …

  • Russia begins large-scale military exercises in Arctic

    The Russian Defense Ministry has initiated large-scale maneuvers with its Strategic Nuclear Forces (RVSN) in the Arctic.

    The Grom-2019 (“Thunder-2019”) exercise will involve more than 12,000 military personnel, 213 RVSN launchers, 105 aircraft, including five strategic missile carriers, 15 surface ships and five nuclear submarines, as well as 310 items of combat and special equipment, the TASS news agency reports, citing a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry.

    During the maneuvers, …