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  • Indonesia cancels deal to buy Su-35 fighter jets from Russia

    The Indonesian authorities have decided not to go ahead with the purchase of Russian fighter jets, reported the Indonesian newspaper Nasional Kompas with reference to the chief of staff of Indonesia's Air Force, Fadjar Prasetyo.

    "With a heavy heart, we have to cancel plans to buy Su-35 fighters, because, as we initially said, the development of military power depends on budget funds," Fadjar Prasetyo said in a statement.

    Indonesia signed a contract for the supply of 11 aircraft worth $1.14 …

  • Indonesia considers buying American F-35s instead of Russian Su-35 fighter jets

    Indonesia’s Deputy Defense Minister Sakti Wahyu Trenggono assured that Jakarta has not canceled the purchase of 11 Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets from Russia. He denied rumors that the purchase of Su-35 fighter jets from Russia was cancelled because the pressure from US officials."We have never canceled it," Trenggono said, as quoted by CNN Indonesia.

    At the same time, Trenggono said that, at this time, Indonesia cannot buy the aircraft from Russia. According to him, there are still some obstacles. …

  • Russia denies reports that Indonesia cancelled contract to purchase Su-35 fighter jets

    The contract for the supply of 11 Su-35 fighter jets to Indonesia has not been terminated, reports the newspaper Vedomosti, citing two sources in the Russian aviation industry.

    According to the newspaper's sources, Russia has not received official notification of the termination of the agreement. However, as one of the newspaper's interlocutors admitted, "the contract is up in the air." One of the reasons for the inability to implement the agreement is the need for additional approvals to …

  • Russian military industry cut off from US dollar 

    US sanctions have led to the Russian military-industrial complex being cut off from dollar transactions, reports 

    Although the portfolio of orders of the Russian state-owned arms exporter Rosoboronexport is estimated at $50 billion, the sale of weapons abroad does not bring in hard currency – the deals are made in rupees, yuans and rubles, which are harder to use to pay for imports. 

    Major defense contracts to supply S-400 systems have to be maintained outside the global dollar …

  • Media: Indonesia's contract for purchase of Russian Su-35 fighters falling apart

    The official representative of the Indonesian Air Force, Novyan Samyoga, stated that the U.S. sanctions could cause issues to the Indonesian procurement contract for 11 Russian Su-35 fighter jets, reported the British publication Jane's.

    Samyoga explained that if Washington imposes tough sanctions against Jakarta for the purchase of military equipment from Moscow, Indonesia would be forced to buy "Western-made fighters". The representative of the Air Force added that in this case, Indonesia …

  • Delivery of Russian Su-35 fighter jets to Indonesia falls through due to US sanctions

    The implementation of the contract for the supply of 11 Su-35 fighter jets to Indonesia has been postponed, reported the newspaper Kommersant, referring to two top managers of Russian defense companies and a source close to the government.

    “The contract for the supply of 11 Su-35 fighter jets retains its legal force, but its implementation will be delayed,” the newspaper writes.

    According to Kommersant, the first jet was expected to arrive in October, but the US did not give Indonesia …

  • Kremlin: Indonesia applied for loan to buy Russian Su-35 Fighter Jets

    Indonesia has applied for a bank loan as part of a signed contract for the procurement of Russian Su-35 Fighter jets, reported theDeputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia, Vladimir Drozhzhov.

    "There are several directions that we had to follow simultaneously with the signing of the contract. Work continues. A bank loan must be secured and now we are handing this arrangement, “said Drozhzhov.

    Earlier, sources informed that Indonesia would receive a …

  • Russia to sell Indonesia fighter jets for palm oil

    Russia has signed a contract to sell Indonesia 11 Su-35 fighters, Interfax news agency reported, citing a source in Jakarta. The negotiations which lasted nearly four years have resulted in a deal that will be partially realized as a barter.

    The latest fighters, the closest to the fifth generation among the Russian aircraft, will be exchanged for batches of palm oil, crumb rubber, and other Indonesian goods. These goods will cover roughly half of the contract’s value ($1.1 billion), a source …

  • Kremlin: Indonesia is interested in purchasing Russian submarines

    Indonesia is interested in acquiring Project 636 Varshavyanka-class diesel-electric submarines, as stated by Dmitry Shugaev, head of the Federal Service of Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) of Russia, in an interview with Kommersant.

    Shugaev noted that "the momentum is good," for this project to proceed. "We are discussing this topic with Indonesian partners, we are ready to search for mutually beneficial approaches," he said.

    However, the head of the FSMTC added that at the same time, …

  • Russia to exchange the latest combat aircraft for palm oil from Indonesia

    Russia and Indonesia agreed on the sale of 11 of the latest Su-35 fighter jets, Rostec (Russian State Corporation) reported. Negotiations that lasted three years culminated with the conclusion of a barter transaction.

    According to Enggartiasto Lukita, the head of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, the aircraft closest to the fifth generation among Russian machines will be exchanged for primarily palm oil, Interfax reports.

    The negotiations took a long time, primarily because of financial …