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  • Ukraine signs contract for another shipment of Javelin missile systems from US

    Ukrainian Defense Ministry has signed a contract for the supply of the second shipment of American Javelin anti-tank missile systems, reports the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

    Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister for European Integration Anatoliy Petrenko said that it was possible to conclude a new agreement because to resource-saving in the fourth quarter of the year.

    "We also order similar missile systems from our national manufacturer. We have several artillery …

  • Ukraine can now use US-produced Javelin missiles in Donbas

    US-produced Javelin anti-tank missile systems can now be used in eastern Ukraine following the transition to an open arms purchase procedure between the two countries, former Ukrainian Ambassador to the US Valeriy Chaly told news outlet in an exclusive interview.

    “We can now use these new anti-tank missile systems, when they are bought, at our discretion. And station them where we want, for example in eastern Ukraine,” he said.

    The diplomat admitted that the current batch of Javelins …

  • US State Department approves sale of another batch of Javelin anti-tank systems to Ukraine

    Ukraine may receive a new batch of portable anti-tank Javelin missile systems. This decision was made by the US State Department, reports the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).

    The Department has decided to sell one hundred fifty Javelin missiles and related equipment for $39.3 million. Ukrainian authorities requested to buy 150 Javelin missiles and ten Command Launch Units (CLUs), report the DSCA.

    The Agency added that "the proposed sale of this equipment and support will not alter …

  • US is ready to sell new batch of Javelin anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine

    Chargé d'Affaires of US in Ukraine William Taylor said that Washington and Kyiv are discussing the possibility of supplying Ukraine with a new batch of anti-tank Javelin missile systems, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

    "We are ready to sell these weapons to Ukraine. The two governments are working on the agreement," the diplomat said.

    Besides, Taylor commented on a call of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to Putin after the death of four Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbas during a …

  • Ukraine asks US for more Javelin anti-tank missile systems

    Ukraine has asked the US to sell it more Javelin anti-tank missile systems, William Taylor, US chargé d’affaires in Ukraine, told Radio Liberty in an interview.

    He said that Ukraine wishes to acquire more Javelins “for defense purposes” through the US Defense Department’s Foreign Military Sales program.

    US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker said recently that the US has opened the way for Ukraine to purchase defensive weaponry.

    In spring 2018, Ukraine obtained its first batch of …

  • Volker: US could sell more Javelin anti-tank systems to Ukraine

    The US could sell Ukraine another batch of Javelin anti-tank missile systems, announced US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker during a video conference for European reporters, UNIAN reports.

    “As you know, part of this assistance consisted in providing anti-tank systems so that, if tanks proceed further into Ukraine’s territory, Ukraine has the best capabilities to protect itself,” the special representative noted.

    According to Volker, Ukraine has expressed interest in acquiring a …

  • US to give Ukraine new types of weapons

    The US plans to supply Ukraine with sniper systems and possibly weaponry for the Navy, said General Curtis Scaparrotti, Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO Allied Command Operations and Commander of the US European Command, the Voice of America reports.

    “Sniper systems, ammunition and, taking into account the situation at the Kerch Strait, we may discuss naval systems in future,” Scaparrotti said during a hearing of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services in response to a question from …

  • Ukraine accuses Russia of disseminating fake news about defective Javelins

    A fake letter from the Design Bureau Luch addressed to National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov appeared on the Internet stating that the American Javelin anti-tank missile systems received by Ukraine were of poor quality.

    The letter states that a failure in the performance of Javelin was recorded because of problems with the main propulsion engine. The manufacturer’s specifics indicated that the engine’s lifespan had run out but it was extended by special …

  • Poroshenko shows video of first Javelin shots in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian military has fired the  first training shots of the American Javelin anti-tank systems. President Petro Poroshenko was present at the tests. He emphasized that the systems are defensive in nature, and will only be used if the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are attacked. A video of the tests was published on Poroshenko’s personal Facebook page.

    “Finally this day has arrived!” the video clip on the Ukrainian president’s Facebook page is titled. “Today for the first …

  • US Navy Officer: delivery of Javelin missile systems to Ukraine is only a symbolic step

    In a broadcast of the program Edge of War, US Navy Captain (Ret.) Gary Tabach expressed the view that the US allocation of Javelin anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine is more a symbol than a necessity.

    "I believe that this is more of a symbol that shows that the US and President Donald Trump are very serious about this and are ready to give weapons that can strike Russian tanks. This is a small amount of Javelin [weapons] and shells for them, but Ukraine does not need them; Ukraine cannot be …