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  • Russia preparing to ban Microsoft

    At the “Internet after Globality” conference, Herman Klimenko, advisor to the Russian president on matters related to the Internet, said that Microsoft “may be asked” to leave Russia, RBC news agency reports.

     “I hope that we will be proud of those projects where we are doing really well - in artificial intelligence, neural networks, etc. It is clear that in today’s fragmented world, when Kaspersky is asked to leave America, and we are likely to ask Microsoft to leave us, it will be amusing to …

  • Lithuanian government stops using products from Kaspersky Lab

    The Baltic News Service reported on Sunday that Lithuanian government institutions and critical IT systems have abandoned software developed by Russian antivirus manufacturer Kaspersky Lab, citing the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defense.

    "At the present time, all administrators of critical IT systems do not use this software or have had it removed," noted the Lithuanian Defense Ministry.

    According to the National Center for Cyber ​​Security, Kaspersky Lab's programs were used by about 5% …

  • Lithuania bans Kaspersky antivirus

    On Thursday, December 21, Lithuania banned the use of anti-virus programs produced by the Russian company Kaspersky Lab on computers of government agencies and private companies.

    Specifically, this has to do with computers that manage the energy, financial, and transport infrastructure sectors, reports Deutsche Welle.

    Reuters news agency quotes the statement from the Lithuanian government which said that that using Kaspersky software can threaten national security. In response, the Russian …

  • Kaspersky Lab intends to change work strategy in US

    The Russian company Kaspersky Lab does not plan to leave the US market, but will change its development strategy, stated the company's CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, RIA Novosti reports.

    "We are shifting our activities from one point to another, developing a sales network…we want to be closer to our customers," he said.

    Kaspersky claims that the sales of programs to US government agencies brought in "almost zero". According to him, they were important from the standpoint of prestige.

    Sources close …

  • Head of Kaspersky Lab agreed to testify before US Congress

    Yevgeny Kaspersky, the head of the company that bears his name, agreed to speak before the US Congress at the invitation of US lawmakers, as reported by Reuters, citing a letter from Kaspersky.

    "I appreciate and accept the invitation to testify before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, and if I can get an expedited visa, I look forward to publicly addressing the allegations made against my company and its products," Kaspersky wrote.

    The topic of …

  • Best Buy stops selling Kaspersky software over possible connection to Russian government

    Best Buy, one of the largest electronics retailers in the US, has refused to sell the program produced by Kaspersky Lab due to fears that the producer is influenced by the Russian government, The Verge reports.

    A representative of Best Buy confirmed that the decision had been made to take Kaspersky products off the shelves, but did not offer any details.

    The company has not conducted its own investigation, its decision to stop selling the products was based on media reports, statements of …

  • The arrested top-manager of Kaspersky Lab explained how Russian authorities are recruiting cybercriminals

    The top manager of the Kaspersky Lab, Ruslan Stoyanov, who is now in a Moscow pre-trial prison (SIZO) on charges of state treason, said that Russian authorities are recruiting cybercriminals to carry out tasks ordered by the state.

    As payment they are offered protection from investigations against them by the special services, Dozhd TV reported citing Stoyanov's letters.

    "Lately, there have been signs of an effort 'to make patriots' out of Russian-speaking cybercriminals, by attempting to …

  • A top manager of Kaspersky Lab was detained on charges of treason

    The head of the Computer Incidents Investigation Unit at Kaspersky Lab, Ruslan Stoyanov, was detained on charges of treason, Kommersant reported, citing a source close to the Federal Security Service. Stoyanov was placed at the detention center and has been in custody since early December 2016.

    The company confirmed Stoyanov’s arrest, stressing that the investigation is being conducted only against this individual. The director of one of the divisions of the FSB’s Information Security Center, …