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  • Media: Ukraine fails to sanction 40 Russian companies from the US and EU sanctions list

    The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) "forgot" to include dozens of Russian companies that are included in the sanctions list of the US Treasury, stated Ukrainian MP Svitlana Zalishchuk in her article for Ukrayinska Pravda.

    According to Zalishchuk, the journalist Valentyna Samar and journalists from the Center for Journalistic Investigations noticed that forty individuals and companies involved in the annexation of the Crimea and operating in the Donbas that are included …

  • Media: launch of the car safety system of the Crimean Bridge postponed

    The completion of the contracted work to ensure the safety of the transport on the Crimean Bridge, which connects mainland Russia with the annexed peninsula, is postponed again, the Kommersant newspaper reports citing sources familiar with the situation.

    Thus, Russia postponed till the beginning of December the completion of work to ensure the auto-transport safety on the Crimean Bridge from the Kerch side. The works include the construction of a stationary truck inspection and examination …

  • EU imposes sanctions against Russian companies involved in the construction of Crimean Bridge

    The European Council imposed economic sanctions against Russian companies that took part in the construction of the bridge to the Crimea. The decision was published in the official journal of the EU.

    Sanctions were imposed on PJSC Mostotrest and Stroygazmontazh Corporation (SGM Group), which are already under similar US sanctions. The list also includes AO Institute Giprostroymost in Saint-Petersburg, JSC Zaliv Shipyard, Stroygazmontazh Most OOO and CJSC VAD.

    “As part of the Union's non- …

  • Crimean authorities travel to Syria to discuss cooperation with Damascus

    Crimean officials intend to visit Syria in the fall of 2018, said Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea in the Russian Federation Council Georgy Muradov on July 3.

    According to him, during the visit, the two sides will discuss areas of cooperation “which are important for Syria and for the Crimea.”

    “Syria has a critical need for various building materials and materials that are needed for rebuilding and repairing roads, railways, and the infrastructure. There is great interest in cooperation in the …

  • Ukraine includes Kerch Bridge in international suit against Russia

    In its suit against Russia, Ukraine will add a claim about violating the Convention on the Law of the Sea with regard to illegal construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait by Russia, as stated by the speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Mariana Betsa, reported Interfax-Ukraine.

    “This in no way changes the status of the Crimea as an integral part of the territory of Ukraine, which is temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation. Of course, this issue of the Kerch …

  • Ukrainian President: Russia will be held responsible for the construction of the Kerch Bridge

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated on Twitter that he was confident that Russia would be held responsible for the “illegal construction of the Kerch Bridge and other crimes.”

    “Russia will need [the Kerch Bridge] as a road to retreat. After the restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty in the Crimea, Ukraine will use it to strengthen links with Kuban where a large number of Ukrainians live,” his statement reads.

    According to Russian media, Arkady Rotenberg, Chairman of the Board of …

  • Russia files a case against American journalist who suggested blowing up the Crimean Bridge

    The Russian Investigative Committee initiated criminal proceedings against a journalist from the Washington Examiner, an American political journalism website, who wrote that Ukraine should destroy the Crimean (Kerch) Bridge, reported the press-center of the Investigative Committee.

    "The investigation suggests, Tom Rogan’s piece published in the public domain on the Internet contains signs of public calls for criminal activities on the territory of the Russian Federation aimed at destabilizing …

  • US and EU condemn opening of Crimean bridge by Russia

    On Tuesday, May 15, the US Department of State commented on the opening of the Kerch Strait bridge between Russia and Crimea to partial traffic. An official statement by State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert was published on Department’s website.

    "The United States condemns Russia’s construction and partial opening of the Kerch Strait Bridge between Russia and occupied Crimea, which was done without the permission of the government of Ukraine. Crimea is part of Ukraine. Russia’s …

  • Kyiv vows further international sanctions against Russia over Crimean Bridge

    Ukraine will ensure that international sanctions are introduced against the companies and persons who participate in the construction of the Crimean bridge, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced.

    “Ukraine will work consistently on the increase in national and international sanctions against the physical and legal entities involved in the illegal construction of the bridge crossing over the Kerch strait,” the statement on the Foreign Ministry’s website reads.

    The department also expressed …

  • Putin opens Kerch Bridge to annexed Crimea

    The road section of the Crimean Bridge, which connects the annexed peninsula with the Krasnodar Krai of Russia, has been opened. Traffic of cars and buses will begin on May 16 from both sides of the Kerch Strait, along two lanes in each direction.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the official opening ceremony of the bridge.

    He drove along the highway in a KamAZ truck, in a column of machinery that was used during the construction of the bridge. The drive from Krasnodar Krai to …