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  • Ukraine prepares sanctions list of companies involved in construction of Kerch Bridge

    Ukraine's Ministry of Infrastructure monitors all companies working on the construction of the Kerch Bridge in the annexed Crimea, as reported by ” by Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, in the commentary to "Krym. Realii TV".

    “We are tracking all contracted organizations working on this site and adding them to the sanctions list,” the minister said. “We also inform other states—allies of Ukraine—about the blacklisting of these companies. As for the equipment itself, …

  • Kremlin: Russia to open the highway section of the Kerch Strait bridge by summer

    Russia is going to open the highway section of the bridge across the Kerch Strait by summer 2018, according to the Kremlin’s official website.

    On Wednesday, March 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited a portion of the construction site that will connect the Russian-annexed Crimea with the Taman Peninsula. The road portion of the bridge is scheduled for delivery completion by December 2018, but during discussions with the builders, Putin said that the road could be opened as early as May. …

  • Head of Crimea promises to complete the Kerch bridge in new year

    The Russian-appointed head of the Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, promised in his New Year's address that construction of the Kerch bridge and the thermal power station will be completed in 2018. A video of the greeting was posted on Aksyonov’s official YouTube channel.

    "The new Simferopol international airport terminal - the largest in the south of Russia - will receive its first passengers. The first electric power plant in Simferopol will give its first current. A flow of cars will pass along the …

  • Ukraine conducts ecological assessment of the Kerch bridge built by Russia

    Ukraine has conducted an environmental assessment of the construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge, in order to initiate a trial at the international level. Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko discussed the assessment at a press briefing, as reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

    "This aspect of our work is very important as it may counteract a possible ecological catastrophe that may arise from the construction of the Kerch Bridge." Today, an environmental assessment is underway as part of the criminal …

  • Media: Russia to spend billions of rubles on fences and checkpoints for Crimean bridge

    The land sections of the Crimean Bridge will be fenced off, with access to the bridge controlled by checkpoints. Billions of rubles will be spent on this, Kryminform reported with reference to the Russian state purchases website.

    The news outlet notes that a competition is being held for the state enterprise Russian Ministry of Transport Departmental Security Administration (RMTDSA). The Kerch and Taman coasts and Tuzla Island will be fenced off.

    In addition, the Crimean Bridge is to be …

  • Russia to create naval brigade to defend Kerch Strait Bridge

    Russia intends to create a special naval brigade to ensure the safety of the Kerch Strait Bridge which is currently under construction, Russian National Guard Chief Viktor Zolotov said on October 25 during “government hour” in the Federation Council.

    According to him, the naval brigade will be formed by the National Guard.

    “In order to deal with the tasks assigned to the Russian National Guard to ensure the safety of the bridge crossing across the Kerch strait, a new naval brigade unit will …

  • Russian activist: Kerch Strait Bridge will collapse soon

    The Kerch Strait Bridge in the annexed Crimea, which is currently under construction, may collapse by this winter, wrote Elena Vasileva, Russian human rights activist and founder of the group “Cargo 200 from Ukraine to Russia”, on Facebook.

    "The Kerch Strait Bridge will most likely collapse this winter; two of the platforms have already failed. They are trying to restore them, but the people of Russia do not understand that there is a rift in the earth's crust located there. There is no bottom …

  • Russia preparing to install the second arch of the Kerch Bridge

    In the Kerch Strait, shipping will be restricted during the installation of the second arch for the bridge to the Crimea. Shipping in the bridge construction area will be limited from October 11th to 14th, according to the press service of the Crimean Bridge project.

    It was noted that on Wednesday, October 11th, a maritime operation would begin to transport and install the second road arch of the Kerch Bridge.

    "Restrictions are connected with the transportation and lifting of the road arch to …

  • Ukrainian activists publish personal data of workers involved in construction of the Kerch Bridge

    Volunteers with the Ukrainian Myrotvorets project have published on Facebook the personal data of 299 people who are participating in the construction of the bridge through the Kerch Strait to the Crimea.

    The published information contains the names and surnames, dates of birth, their home addresses, and other identifying information. All of the people are employees of OOO MT-Group.

    Myrotvorets noted that the information on the builders of the Kerch Bridge will be placed in "Purgatory" on the …

  • Media: Despite sanctions equipment from Finland is used at the construction of the Kerch Bridge

    Equipment from Finland was discovered at the Kerch Bridge bridges is being built by Russia from the mainland to the annexed Crimea, PSB News website reports.  The site shows a video of a hydrohammer produced by a Finnish company that is used at the construction of the bridge.

    The Finnish equipment is being utilized by the Russian firm Mostootryad-125, a branch of Mostotrest, which is the largest heavy construction company in Russia. It is noted that the above mentioned equipment, a Junttan …