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  • Lithuania restricts transit of goods from Russia to Kaliningrad region, Kremlin threatens to retaliate

    Lithuania has imposed restrictions on the transit of about half of the goods delivered by rail to the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation, said the Russian regional governor, Anton Alikhanov.

    According to him, the restrictions will affect from 40% to 50% of products delivered to or from Russia through Lithuania, in particular building materials, cement and metal.

    The representative of Lithuanian Railways Mantas Dubauskas explained that the restrictions were imposed due to the EU …

  • Lithuania stops all Russian energy imports

    Lithuania is stopping imports of electricity from Russia, announced the Lithuanian operator of the electricity transmission system Litgrid. "The exchange operator Nord Pool has decided to suspend trade in Russian electricity provided by the Inter RAO holding, which is the only importer of Russian electricity to the Baltic countries. From Sunday, Russian electricity will no longer be imported into Lithuania,” the company said.

    "The suspension of electricity trade with Russia will not affect the …

  • Lithuania recognizes Russia as a terrorist state

    The Kremlin regime seeks to destroy the Ukrainian nation. These actions should be recognized as genocide, and Russia as a state that supports and carries out terrorism, said the Seimas of Lithuania in a resolution which was supported unanimously by Lithuanian MPs.

    In the resolution, the Lithuanian parliament stated that the Russian armed forces and mercenaries committed war crimes in the territory of Ukraine, especially in the cities of Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol, Borodyanka and Hostomel. …

  • Lithuania expels Russian ambassador

    Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis has announced that Vilnius is expelling Russian ambassador Alexei Isakov from Lithuania.

    The Russian consulate in the city of Klaipeda will also be closed.

    “In response to Russia’s relentless aggressive actions against the sovereign country of Ukraine and the atrocities committed by the Russian armed forces in various occupied cities throughout Ukraine, including the horrific murders in Bucha, the Lithuanian government has made the decision …

  • Baltic countries halt all imports of Russian gas

    Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have suspended imports of Russian gas since the beginning of April.

    "If there are still doubts about whether there can be confidence in supplies from Russia, then current events clearly show us that there is no longer any trust," said the CEO of the Latvian gas storage operator Conexus Baltic Grid, Uldis Bariss.

    According to him, Russian natural gas has not been supplied to Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania since April 1. The Baltic market is currently supplied from …

  • Baltic states expel ten Russian diplomats

    Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have all announced that they have expelled several Russian diplomats from their countries. Estonia and Latvia are each expelling three diplomats, and Lithuania is expelling four.

    The Estonian Foreign Ministry announced that it had summoned the Russian Ambassador in Tallinn on Friday and informed him that three employees of the Russian Embassy with diplomatic status had been declared persona non grata. According to the Estonian Vice Chancellor for Political Affairs, …

  • Baltic countries to send Stinger and Javelin systems to Ukraine

    In order to support Ukraine’s sovereignty and counter possible Russian aggression, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, along with diplomatic support, will provide Ukraine with military assistance, said Lithuanian Defense Ministry.

    As part of this assistance, Lithuania and Latvia will send Stinger anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine, and Estonia will send Javelin portable anti-tank missile systems.

    “Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia speak together in support of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial …

  • Lithuania approves military support plan for Ukraine

    Lithuania plans to increase military support for Ukraine. The support plan for Ukraine approved by the Lithuanian National Defense Council includes a number of practical measures, including an increase in the number of instructors in the training mission and supply of lethal weapons, said Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas, LRT reports.

    "This material assistance consists of lethal, non-lethal weapons and humanitarian aid – for example, the continuation of the treatment and …

  • Lithuania calls on NATO to strengthen its military potential near Russia's borders

    Lithuania called on NATO to deploy troops to Russia's borders, amid continued deployment of Russian troops near Ukrainian borders. "NATO must respond not only by deploying its troops to the eastern front, but also by strengthening its military potential. Strengthening the military potential is good, but we should have an algorithm, what to do in the case of scenario A, scenario B, scenario C," said Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda at a joint press conference with the presidents of Ukraine …

  • Lithuania ready to send weapons to Ukraine

    Lithuania is ready to send lethal weapons to Ukraine to support the country in the face of a large buildup of Russian troops near its borders, said Lithuanian Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anušauskas at a joint press conference with German Minister of Defense Kristin Lambrecht.

    "It is necessary to support Ukraine in every possible way, and Lithuania is ready for this, in particular, to send lethal weapons to Ukraine," the Lithuanian minister said.

    He did not specify which weapons …