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  • NATO to hold military exercises in Poland

    As reported by Radio Poland, NATO rapid response exercises Brilliant Jump will take place in the Żagań and Świętoszów training ranges from May 17th to May 27th.This is one in a series of NATO exercises “designed to prove the concept of NATO’s Readiness Action Plan (RAP) and at the same time to put to the test all its core elements, including the NATO Command Structure (NCS) and a number of Headquarters throughout Europe.”

    The exercises require a high level of cooperative actions among all …

  • Construction of new US missile defense installation begins in Poland

    Construction of a new US missile defense base has begun in the Polish village of Redzikowo.

    The ground breaking ceremony was attended by Polish President Andrzej Duda, Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz, Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski, and US Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported with reference to TVN 24.

    On Thursday, the US’s European missile defense system in Romania was officially declared operational.

    According to Washington, the missile defense …

  • Latvia records presence of Russian warship and aircraft near its border

    On May 12th, the Armed Forces of Latvia recorded a Russian warship and eight Russian aircraft in its exclusive economic zone.

    The National Armed Forces of Latvia reported this via Twitter.

    "The Russian warship Zhigulevsk was noticed at a distance of 4 nautical miles from Latvian state border in the exclusive economic zone," the post stated.

    In addition, according to the Armed Forces, NATO fighters that patrol the skies over the Baltic Sea accompanied eight Russian aircraft: two Su-24, four …

  • British fighters intercept Russia military aircraft over the Baltic

    British fighters intercepted three Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea on Thursday. The British jets, which began performing airspace patrols over the Baltic three weeks ago, flew out of the Estonian Ämari airbase.

    This was stated on the website the UK’s Ministry of Defense.

    Three aircraft – AN-26, AN-12 and IL-76 - were intercepted because they were flying with their transponders switched off, and did not respond to the attempts of the British pilots to contact them.

    "This is …

  • President of Georgia expressed confidence that his country will join NATO

    The President of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili, expressed confidence that soon, "Georgia, undoubtedly, will become a member of NATO."

    Speaking at the opening of joint military exercises, Noble Partner 2016, with the United States of America and Great Britain he declared that these exercises are a "continuation of our policy on rapprochement with NATO."

    About 500 Georgian, 650 American and 150 British soldiers are taking part in the exercises. The official purpose of the exercises is the …

  • US to unveil European missile defense system

    The US’s European missile defense system will be officially declared operational on Thursday, despite Russia’s objections, Reuters reported.

    The announcement will come almost a decade after Washington first proposed such a system.

    US and NATO officials will gather in Deveselu, Romania for the inauguration of the missile defense site, the construction of which was finished in 2015.

    Construction of a second site in Poland is slated to begin on May 13th, and is due to be completed in 2018. …

  • Ukrainian and Georgian delegates to attend NATO Military Committee meeting

    NATO announced that the Alliance’s Military Committee will convene a meeting at the level of Defense Chiefs in Brussels on May 18th. Ukrainian and Georgian delegates will attend the meeting as partners of NATO in order to coordinate security and defense with the Alliance.

    In particular, the Georgian delegation will discuss the progress of defense reforms and the country’s further cooperation with NATO.

    Representatives of Ukraine will address the security situation in the country. Reform in …

  • NATO warships will arrive in Tallinn

    The Ministry of Defense of Estonia reported that two NATO warships, one Spanish frigate and one British, will arrive in Tallinn next week, BNS reported. The warships are part of the Standing NATO Maritime Group (SNMG1).

    The group consists of two warships, the Spanish Alvaro De Bazan frigate and the British Iron Duke frigate. The ships will stay in the capital of Estonia until the 15th of May.

    The NATO warships will attend the Estonian Navy’s anti-mine exercises before entering the port of …

  • US Deputy Secretary of State: Russia violated the principles of the world order

    As was stated by the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, in his statement at the Warsaw public library, Russia has violated the basic principles of international law by annexing Crimea and deploying heavy weapons and thousands of soldiers along international borders, Radio Svoboda reports.

    According to Blinken, such actions violate the premise that “the borders and territorial integrity of a state cannot be changed by force... that all members of the international community are …

  • Chairman of the NATO Military Committee: Russia is one of the biggest threats to Europe

    The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Petr Pavel, invited the European NATO members to allocate up to 2% of their GDP (gross domestic product) for defense in order to reduce the U.S. influence that covers up to 75% of NATO’s expenses. According to the military man, today’s Europe faces two serious threats, Rosbalt reported.

    The first threat is from the south and is posed by non-governmental formations and the rise of terrorism. The second threat is more dangerous. It is Russia with its …